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Flying High at Zip Lost Pines
Flying high above the trees at speeds of nearly 35 mph, I felt as if I was part of an action film. After watching the long anticipated Wonder Woman movie on Friday, I could not wait to race down the zipline in my own superhero fashion! It was channeling my inner Spiderman, zipping high above the treetops and brush at top speed!

Flying High at Zip Lost Pines

Written by Megan Marie

Flying high above the trees at speeds of nearly 35 mph, I felt as if I was part of an action film. After watching the long anticipated Wonder Woman movie on Friday, I could not wait to race down the zipline in my own superhero fashion! It was channeling my inner Spiderman, zipping high above the treetops and brush at top speed!

A close friend of mine contacted me to visit Zip Lost Pines, a new Zipline park just outside of Austin, Texas in McKinney Roughs Nature Park.  I’ve never tried Ziplining before but it has always been high on my bucketlist, so there was no hestitation in saying yes to a visit! All I will say is if Ziplining isnt on your bucketlist, it will be now!

Getting There

Zip Lost Pines is located just outside Austin, Texas and is nestled inside McKinney Roughs Nature Park, about 25 miles from the heart of the city. Getting there was a breeze, as the signs are clearly marked and it is conveniently located near one of my favorite Resorts, the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines. Pack your water and athletic wear and take Highway 71, heading West of Austin, to get there!

Safety First

Upon arrival, we were briefed thoroughly on the safety procedures and protocols practiced by staff and attendees during the experience. The staff members who served as our guides throughout the tour, Allison and Beth, went out of their way to assist us and repeat instructions, reiterate safety procedures, and answer any additional questions we had along the trails and lines. They even did this all with smiles on their faces, despite the heavy Texas heat!

Upon arrival, the staff greeted us with smiles and laughter, as if we’d known each other forever! They assisted us by putting on the equipment, explaining what each and every belt, clamp, and trolley pertained to. Zip Lost Pines takes safety seriously and are very meticulous when it comes to demonstrating procedures, which I greatly appreciated as a giddy, first-time rider.

Zip Lost Pines has been operating for nearly a year, so the equipment used is top line and very new.

Once we were strapped into our harnesses and briefed on the equipment we would be carrying for the duration of the tour, our guides quickly demonstrated the do’s and dont’s of ziplining for beginners, such as myself. For example, they explained a few hand signals that the guide at the bottom of the line would exhibit if we were going to fast or slow.

After we felt comfortable, we started our trek out to the first line. What I love about this tour is that it is not only ziplines – there are a few short hikes through the Nature Park as well as a few wooden bridges to cross. I highly recommend wearing close-toed shoes and comfortable workout clothes for this experience.

The Hike

One of the guides walked ahead to begin setting up the lines for our first (if you don’t count the practice run) zip down! Each guide has specific duties: one at the top of the line with us, preparing us for what is ahead, and one at the bottom, adjusting the breaks for each individual coming down.

Wandering around the Nature Park was one of my favorite parts of the Zip Lost Pines experience. Since this was my first time ziplining, I had no idea what to expect, and frankly, was assuming this would be a quick 2-3 lines and then we’d be off. Nope! There is an astonishing 6 ziplines, 3 wooden bridges, and a few trails and hikes to get to the next line. Zip Lost Pines was an amazing first experience, as they have a variety of lines starting with short and sweet to longer and faster lines

Our first lengthy line required us to climb a set of stairs, leading us high above the treetops and allowing us to see deep into the Nature Park.

Other trails to lines were engulfed in shades of green, as a variety of trees, bushes, and shrubs lined the nature trails.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Zip Lost Pines does an incredible job implementing safety protocols and procedures. Not once did I feel unsafe during my experience. Our guides answered every question and concern with patience and guidance. They went above and beyond in explaining exactly why certain procedures are in place and how the equipment works.  Really understanding how the lines and equipment worked together made me feel safe and right at home during our Zip Lost Pines trip.

I never had a fear of heights and grew up climbing on all kinds of off-limit things as a child, so when the wooden bridges came around, I wasn’t phased one bit. That combined with the fact that our guides took their time ensuring we were correctly adjusted and supported by our harnesses made crossing these shaky, uneasy bridges a walk in the park (literally).  

The summer sun was beating down on us and it was only 11:00 AM! If you did not bring your own water, the trails are equipped with water at every other line so that you can hydrate frequently.

Flying High

Each time we made it to the top of the lines, Beth would hook our clamps and trolleys up to the line and wait for Allison to adjust the breaks according to each individuals’ height and weight.

Once the appropriate gear was connected to its corresponding place on the line, we were off!

For those adrenaline junkies out there, Zip Lost Pines was every bit of stomach dropping fun you could wish for. After each zip, we’d be greeted by our second guide who would help us down from the lines.

If you couldn’t already tell, we were flying high above the Texas treetops that day.

In Retrospect

As our trip commenced, we were hot, tired, but fully satisfied! We couldn’t help but reminisce on our favorite lines, how fast we think we went down them (and how much faster we could go next time), and who won each “race” down.

Zip Lost Pines was an amazing Ziplining experience and one of the best in Texas. Sitting high above McKinny Nature Park, we zipped over the Texas treetops, rivers, and brush. Living in Texas, I never noticed the beauty of the landscape and terrain around me until I was flying high above it! If you are looking for a Ziplining experience to partake in around the Austin area or arouind Texas in general, I would recommend Zip Lost Pines wholeheartedly.

Tips & Tricks

To recap our experience, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you have the best experience with Zip Lost Pines yet:

  • Wear close-toed shoes and comfortable clothing! You will be moving around frequently and partaking in a few low-impact hikes and climbs
  • Wear sunscreen! Especially if you are ziplining in the heat of the middle of the day.
  • Prepare yourself for 3 hours of fun. With 6 lines, a few wooden bridges and hikes in between, your time at Zip Lost Pines is best paired with a good attitude and go-getter mindset!
  • There are restrooms onsite before you depart for the trails and lines, so be sure you utilize them before you enter the park
  • If you’re hesitant or even remotely nervous about heights or ziplining, fear not! I have never felt as safe as I did with our guides at Zip Lost Pines. Again, Zip Lost Pines brings safety first to their clients. Our guides went above and beyond in answering all of our questions and easing the nerves of younger group members, so feel free to ask questions or express your concerns.
  • Your guides are seasoned professionals, so you are in good hands! Sometimes, they even Zip down with hand breaks to get to the other side for setup
  •  Stick around before or after your experience to play cornhole or admire the beauty of the park.

Zip Lost Pines takes maximum groups of 8 individuals, so bring the whole family or group of friends for fun in the park!

Zip Lost Pines hosted me as a guest, however, all opinions are my own.

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