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Vietnam Highlights
Explore Vietnam through photos in my Vietnam Highlights.

The Concrete Jungle of Hanoi, Vietnam

Jun 7, 2018 | Asia, Global Travel, Travel, Vietnam

Vietnam Highlights

Written by Megan Marie

Explore Vietnam through photos in my Vietnam Highlights.

Traveling To Vietnam

I will admit, my most recent trip to Vietnam in January was a bit of an impulsive buy. I snagged the tickets during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend for a jaw-dropping $429 roundtrip without thinking twice. I knew it would be a safe country to visit as it was rated in the Top 5 Safest Southeast Asia destinations for solo-female travelers. What I didn’t know what how incredibly beautiful the country and people there are. With a recent rocky history, Vietnam is a living history book with the kindest people around!

I was in Vietnam for a total of 9 full days, excluding travel. While others were busy gawking at the fact I would travel so far with so little time in the actual destination, I was busy planning every second of my time there to ensure I was getting the most out of my trip.

With such a short amount of time, I focused my travels on the North and Central parts of Vietnam after failing to realize how long the country is. Living in Texas puts the rest of the world in perspective when you have to travel 9+ hours to get from the top to the bottom of the state! So after booking, I naively thought I would be able to hit the North, Central, and South cities in Vietnam.

Jokes on me! I ended up narrowing down my itinerary even further to Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and Hoi An. I was told over and over again that Hoi An was an absolute must-see! I took their advice and the little city stole my heart. From tailor made clothes to the romantic, lantern-lined streets, Hoi An was something our of a dream.

Before taking a deep dive into the details of each stop along my DIY Vietnam itinerary, I’m going to share a few pictures of the highlights of my trip before elaborating on each segment of the trip.

Strolling the lantern-lined streets in Hoi An at dusk
Street markets in Hoi An
Exploring the night markets in Hanoi.
On a Ha Long Bay tour
On a street food tour in Hanoi
Beautiful temple offerings near the Ho Chi Min Mausoleum.
Night markets along the water in beautiful Hoi An
More delicious street food in Hanoi
Trying Vietnam's famous "egg coffee" on a street food tour in Hanoi
The majestic Ha Long Bay.
Soaking up the sun at An Bang Beach.
Soaking up the sun at An Bang Beach.

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  1. MK Wegner

    Having been to the places you sited, I have to say your rendition is truly wonderful!
    I salute your curiosity to travel then making it happen. A terrific way to use your time and money!
    Agree with your findings about the kind people and seeing the positives in the areas you sited.
    So much to see! Such active, lively areas but would caution bring a disposable face mask to cover nose and mouth because of VERY HIGH thick area especially for someone with breathing issues.
    It is ROUTINE and the NORM to see anyone walking or riding with open windows to wear such masks. The sight is incredible BUT SHOULD NOT BE A TURN OFF for not checking out this neck of the woods. In short, Megan, your blog is FANTASTIC! Love your pics! Love your blog. MK


      Thank you Mary Kay! I appreciate it, and thank you for bringing up the face masks. The pollution at the street level can be very discomforting at times and a face mask helps with this. I will be covering this in a more detailed post. Thank you for the kind words and I have to attribute a lot of my Vietnam itinerary and safety to you and Jay! Thank you again for sharing your experiences from your own travels to Vietnam with me.


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