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How to Set Personal Goals Outside of Work

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Apr 27, 2017 | Remote Work

How to Set Personal Goals Outside of Work

Written by Megan Marie


Sometimes finding the time to do the simplest of tasks can be extremely daunting. You have a few personal goals and an idea of what you want to accomplish, but find yourself slipping behind or not acting on it at all. Well fear no more – I’d like to introduce to you my favorite time management tool and lay those procrastination worries to rest.

Say hello to my new friend, Asana! I’d like to formally introduce you to my favorite personal goals management tool. I use Asana simply for goal setting, but the tool has an array of features that can be used for everything from personal task management to project management on a larger scale. The tool is easy to use and intuitive, far from some of its competitive counterparts.

Asana is free for personal task management and goal creating, however, some of its more advanced features, to be used for a small business for example, will cost. Below are some of the more personal and non-business related ways I think you can use use Asana for.

Personal Planner & Prioritization Guide

Asana can be leveraged for both small and large scale purposes and for both business and personal goals. The tool boasts a user-friendly and visually appealing interface, allowing users to create personal calendars, build task and sub-task cadences, and assign due dates and times for each.

I know many individuals use their computer, notepad, or smart phone calendars to set reminders and due dates on things like paying bills, but Asana offers these same capabilities in a more visual task related way. If you are very list driven and task oriented like me, Asana will be a gift to your structured habits. Sometimes simply crossing off another item on the list can be the most satisfying thing!

Working Together Made Easy

Whether you are working together on a school project or running a small business, Asana is a great tool to make working together more feasible. Gone are the days of manually following up with others to prompt them to stay on task! With Asana, you can build out projects and assign individuals to each task within it. To have both the project leader and the teammates continuously engaged in the tasks, you can mention individuals names to prompt a conversation on the task or simply comment on it yourself.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly nagging team members as a project manager or team leader? Add followers to each task so others can oversee or comment on the task at hand. If you want to give more responsibility to each task holder, create task dependencies where one cannot be done without the other.

Goal Setting Done Right

Do you ever struggle completing a home project or sticking to a New Year’s Resolution, for example? Asana allows you to build out goal oriented lists in any timeline cadence you prefer. You can build out these task pipelines in a list format for your 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month business or personal goals. Once you’ve officially completed a large task, make sure you celebrate all of your hard work! Create a celebrations task list and move them over once you have officially completed them.

That being said, I highly encourage you to check out Asana and all that the tool has to offer. You can check out its simplest features here or browse through the more advanced capabilities.

Still having trouble staying motivated at work? Check out my article on 5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Work!

*All opinions are my own. Asana did not sponsor this post.

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